Dovetail Farms & Vineyard

Bells, Texas

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Dovetail Woodworks

     Woodworking is how we play.  There is nothing so satisfying as repurposing a tree at the end of its natural life into something that is beautiful and enduring.  In the last few years of drought, we have lost a number of the towering oak trees on our farm.  While the hole in the forest would never have been our choice, we are able to salvage the wood, mill it with an eye to what it might become, dry it either naturally under cover or in our kiln, then process it into a piece of furniture, a bowl, a box or building materials.

     If you are looking for a special gift for someone in your life, we have lots of ideas and many different varieties of native Texas hardwoods for you to choose from.  Our projects are made almost exclusively from wood we have harvested on the farm, but if you have a log from a special tree that is just too nice to be cut up for firewood, we would love to help you transform into something useful. We know that we'll end up spending way more hours on the project than a reasonable price would warrant, but we'll be happy for the excuse to play a little more.