Red/Black Grapes

Tempranillo grows exceedingly well in Texas, and makes a luscious deep purple wine with strong tannins which age well.

Sangiovese grapes make a medium bodied wine which pairs nicely with pizza or lasagna.

Malbec offers a spicier palate option, with deep color and plush tannins.

Aglianico is a grape from Southern Italy that rivals Cabernet Sauvignon in body and tannin structure.

White Grapes

Viognier could arguably be Texas' best white grape variety.  When properly harvested and vinted it delivers a highly aromatic white wine with complex tropical fruit flavors.

Pinot Gris is a chamelion grape, changing character as it ripens.  Tells us what style wine you want and we can harvest accordingly.

Muscat Canelli is a summertime favorite, making equally refreshing sweet or dry wines.

Dovetail Vineyard

     Shortly after the Civil War (and just a few years after the Proctor family began farming the land that is now Dovetail Vineyard), a man by the name of Thomas Volney Munson moved to the area.  A horticulturist and grape breeder by trade, T.V. Munson explored the local woodlands and creek bottoms, finding many different varieties of native American grapevines.  His self proclamed 'grape paradise' is now the heart of the Texoma AVA.  We planted our first vines here in 2010, adding a major planting in 2011 and another in 2013.  While there are many native grapevines twined in the trees on the farm, we have planted only noble winegrape varieties that are well suited for the Texas climate. 

     At Dovetail Vineyard, we are committed to providing premium winegrape offerings for the dedicated home winemaker, harvested specifically for the style of wine that you are wanting to achieve.  We will manage, harvest and crush the grapes to your specifications.  Immediately after harvest, we hand sort the grapes removing shot berries and MOG (industry term for 'matter other than grapes' - some vinters will call it terroir, but we think it has no place in good wine).  After sorting, we crush the grapes and immediately move the must into a 35°F chiller.  White grapes will be pressed off skins either that evening or first thing the next morning (depending on your desired wine style.)  You can pick up your chilled must at the farm on the day after harvest, or we will freeze the must and hold it for later pickup.

     The best time to call us to reserve your grapes is in mid-May.  By then we will have a good idea of crop potential and variety availability.  Harvest timing will vary greatly depending on varietal, desired wine style and weather conditions, but is usually in late July/early August.  Prices typically range from $20-30 per gallon of must.  Call or email us for more information.

Dovetail Farms & Vineyard

Bells, Texas

(903) 965-4801