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     In the month or so before your reserved animal is ready for harvest, we will contact you to coordinate processing specifications and a final price will be determined (based on current, local, live animal prices at market).  In essence, we are selling the live animal directly to you. Then, at your direction, we will transport the animal to the processing facility and provide them your exact packaging specifications.  You may then either pick up the packaged beef from the processor, or we can store it for you in our freezers if an evening or weekend pickup is easier.  While other arrangements can be made, we prefer to work with the Bluebonnet Meat Company - a processor that shares our philosophy for respect for both our customers and our animals.  Our processor is a short drive from our farm, which greatly minimizes the animal's stress on harvest day.  Many of our customers will share the cost of an animal with friends or family members.  If you are interested in only a half or quarter of a steer, let us know and we will do our best to put a group together for you.  

     Call or email us for more information.

     Our steers are raised on pasture from birth to the day we load them on the trailer for harvest and customers can reserve an animal as early as the day they are born.  As soon as the calves are weened, we will start them on your desired feed protocol until they are ready for harvest.  The steers are typically harvested when they weigh between 1000 and 1300 pounds, which will yield between 350 and 500 pounds of packaged beef.  The younger animals produce meat that is tender and lean, with cuts that are proportionately smaller than what you typically find in the grocery store.  The older animals will have more marbling and larger cuts, but, in general, you will find that grass finished beef is significantly less fatty than grocery store beef.

Dovetail Farms

     We run a small herd of fullblood Braunvieh and Angus crossed cattle, pasture raised and finished to your specifications.  Braunvieh is an ancient breed from Switzerland, known for their adaptability, maternal strengths and carcass traits.  We are an Animal Welfare Approved cattle operation, following the highest standards of care for our herd. As a result, we have a healthy group of animals that are easy to work with. We prefer to give our cattle  more pasture space than is typical so that they can choose what they want to eat (they will browse grass and leaves, munch acorns, and move around the pastures all day long.)  We feel that this is a more natural environment for them and that they will choose to eat what is healthiest when they have that option.  We also provide fresh green barley sprouts to our steers in the times when natural forage is lean (winter and particularly dry summers).